Chelmsford Faiths Rastafarianism
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Basic beliefs
A rastafarian is someone who is a follower of African centric theology, which centres on Haile Selassie being accepted as God, and does not have a specific concept related to creaton. The Rastafarian movement takes the Bible as its sacred text but interprets it in an African-centric way in order to reverse what Rastafarians see as changes made to the text by white powers.

Spirituality is central to Rastafarianism, with a particular emphasis on mysticism. Recognising the dignity of each individual, the assertion of self and the importance of humility and peace come through strongly in their beliefs and attitudes. The Old Testament is a major source of scripture, although the notion of original sin is rejected.

Local Contact Details
No Rastafarian community has been identified in Chelmsford. The nearest Ethiopian Orthodox church is in London. For details see the 'Orthodox' entry under Christianity.

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