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Basic beliefs
Judaism is a truly ancient religion which has been practised for five and a half thousand years. It is based on the belief in the one true and universal God with whom every Jew can have an individual and personal relationship. Jews believe in the Torah (Divine Law) which was revealed to Moses and which is unchanging. They also believe in one God who is omniscient and who will reward the righteous and punish the wicked at the end of time when there will be a resurrection of all the dead. Jews are still awaiting the Messiah who they believe has still to come.

There are several basic tenets by which Jews must live their lives – to carry out the Ten Commandments and to live according to Jewish values that are based on love of neighbour and tolerance of one’s fellow human beings. Jewish people worship in a synagogue, which is often a centre for the many aspects of communal life; while solitary prayer is valid, attending the Synagogue to pray with a minyan (quorum of ten adult males) is considered ideal. All males and married females are required to cover their heads inside the synagogue. There are three main forms of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. In an orthodox synagogue, men and women sit separately whereas in liberal or reformed synagogues, they sit together.

Local Contact Details
Star of David

Chelmsford Jewish Community
Contact e-mail: info@jewishcommunitychelmsford.co.uk leaving your name, address and telephone number.

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(Image from Southend & District Reform Synagogue web site)

Southend & District Reform Synogogue
851 London Road

Essex SS0 9SZ

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Colchester Synagogue

Colchester and District Jewish Community
The Synagogue
Fennings Chase
Priory Street
Colchester CO1 2QB

Ritual: Ashkenazi Orthodox

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Star of David

Ohel David Ilford Congregation - Eastern Jewry Community
Newbury Park Station, Newbury Park, Ilford
Tel: 020 8809 4387

Ritual: Sephardi Orthodox

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