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Brief Overview
There are around 42 million Britons who see themselves as nominally Christian, and there are approximately 6 million who are actively practicing. The majority of Christians in the UK are Anglicans (known as Church of England), though there are many other Protestant churches, and Roman Catholics.

The great majority of Christians believe in one God, shown in three forms: as God the Father; Jesus his Son, sent to earth in human form; and the Holy Spirit, the essence of God working in the world today.

The essence of Jesus' teaching was to love God, and to love one's neighbour. The traditional belief is that we will all be judged after our death, according to how we lived our life, and sent for ever either to heaven or hell, but that all the dead will be resurected at the second coming of Jesus. Catholics also believe in purgatory, where people will be punished for their sins, but eventually allowed to rejoin God in heaven.

Anglicans, Roman Catholics and Orthodox people worship in churches and cathedrals (the main church for an area). Other Protestant groups may have churches or chapels. Quakers, however, call their place of worship the Meeting House.

Christian Groups
There are a large number of Christian worshiping groups in Chelmsford. Where there are several groups of the same denomination, the places of worship are grouped together under their denomination. The remaining groups, which have only one place of worship, are brought together under 'Other Chelmsford churches'. The links to the relevant information pages are given below:

Church of England
Roman Catholics
United Reformed Church (URC)
Other Christian Groups

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